Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aunt Jessie

I have been putting off blogging about my sister since she got into town because every time I would start typing so would the waterworks.

The truth is my sister has come a LONG way in a few years and no one is more proud of her then me. She took a pretty rough and rocky situation and has seemingly flipped everything around ... and while nothing and no one is perfect, she has grown so much from the good and bad decisions she made.

I really really wanted Jess to be in town for A's delivery and I praise God for how he worked everything out. We found out our c-section was scheduled for Saturday the 20th at 3:00. Her plane was suppose to land at 1:45pm however she landed early at 1:15pm. Her and my parents had enough time to get to the hospital from the airport and actually see David and I before we went into the operating room. How cool is that???

Aunt Jessie and A seemed to have an instant relationship. Aaden just adored her. He perked up at her voice, and would almost mimic the sounds she would make. haha. SO CUTE!!!!!

It is always hard to say bye to Aunt Jessie when she leaves town ... but it was especially hard with this little bundle of joy in her arms and not knowing when she would get to hold him again.

Here are some special pictures from the two weeks she was home in no particular order ...

nap time with Aunt Jessie is the best time!

goodbyes are so tough!

such good buddies!!!

My most favorite picture EVER! 

Right before going into the operating room

The awesome, pillow, blanket, toy for A from Aunt Jessie!

A loves to hear Aunt Jessie SING!!!

Jess words don't come close to what I want to say to you. I'm proud of you! SOOO proud!! You have a lot to be proud of. Aaden loves you so much!!!! We can't wait to see you again, and until then we have your awesome book and skype to keep us somewhat entertained.

Thanks for a GREAT two weeks. We all love you!


  1. Omgoodness sisser! I love you sooooo much! Aaden is more perfect then I could ever have imagined! I thank God for allowing me to make it home in time! It was the greatest two weeks of my life! I love Aaden more than word can say! He is the love of my life thats for sure! I still cant believe you have a little one! So happy for your perfect family!