Friday, September 2, 2011

Special Friend

David and I knew right away when we found out we were pregnant we wanted to go to the very best hospital our insurance would allow.

St. John's Mercy in Creve Coeur is known as the "baby hospital" of St. Louis and had several things going for it ...

1) Our OB delivered there, and we <3 her!

2) David's insurance was accepted


3) Megan Sipes (my lifelong friend) was able to be our Labor and Delivery Nurse

There is Megs!!!!

Right after I got my epidural ... I was feeling a bit LoOpY

Megs holding Aaden up for me to see

Cleaning him & all that good stuff 


Megan, you are such a dear friend. I have always adored you, but I can never ever repay you for being a part of my sons birth. Having you in the room helped keep me calm, and knowing he was in such loving hands while he was being cleaned etc. was such a reassurance to me.


We love you so!!!!

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