Thursday, September 15, 2011


I can hardly believe Aaden will be 4 weeks old on Saturday. Doesn't seem quite possible, and yet the calendar doesn't lie. I'm enjoying every minute of our days together. While they can be challenging they are so special. I know the newborn days won't last long and on the "tough spots" I remind myself how lucky we are to have A. There are so many out there who want little ones and can't have one for many reasons. Hubs and I are beyond blessed!

Aaden truly is a GREAT baby.  He rarely cries, sleeps through the night, and is very very content. How many 3 week olds do you know that sleep 8 hours straight??? A does! He even almost rolled over today ... crazy!!!

This afternoon we enjoyed BOPPY time for the first time. :)


cutie patootie!

loving being able to look all around

<3 him!

Thanks Megs for the wonderful present. I think A is going to get a lot of use out of his boppy!!!

Here is another cute picture from the day. :)

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