Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kai & A Sitting in a Tree ;)

My very best friend Suzy and her husband Justin had a beautiful healthy baby girl named Kaiya on July 15, 2011.

David and I gave birth to Aaden on August 20th.

As one can imagine we have decided for them both they are destined to be married and have lots of babies and whether they want to or not doesn't really matter. ;)

Truthfully though, I was very very preggo when Suz gave birth, and was unable to travel the 3 hours to visit her in the hospital. I was very very very excited when I learned that her and Justin would be able to meet A while we were in the hospital, and of course I would get to meet Kai!!!!!!

Aunt Suzy getting to meet Aaden for the very first time 

Very happy new Momma's 

Besties with Babies

<3 <3 <3

A new favorite picture 
Getting Framed FOR SURE!

My first time meeting the beautiful Kai
Aaden & Kai first meeting too ... <3 at first sight for sure.


Kai and I having very serious conversations about life, and what her Aunt Chrissy is good for ...
1) hugs and kisses always
2) cookies even when mommy says no ;)
4) prayers prayers prayers

Suzy my dear friend Kai is adorable, beautiful, priceless, and the most amazing little girl. It was wonderful to finally meet her and kiss her and snuggle her.

Thanks for visiting David & I.
We can't wait for TONS of Kai & Aaden playdates!

Love you!

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