Tuesday, September 6, 2011


David and I really prayed hard over who we wanted Aaden's Godparents to be. We took choosing this role very very seriously, because we want to know Aaden is being prayed over daily, thought of super often, and in the case of emergency would be advocated after well.

To us, Godparents play a very key role in Aaden's life.
We wanted the people we asked to ...

1. Pray regularly for Aaden

2. Set an example of Christian Bible-Based Living

3. Help Aaden grow in his faith

4. Give Aaden every encouragement to follow Christ and fight again evil

We are proud and honored to announce Aaden's Godparents are Cory & Holly Brown a couple David and I would describe as our own spiritual mentors. The Brown's have been dear friends for several years now and we couldn't think of better people to take the idea of A's spiritual growth seriously.

Holly & Cailyn 

Sweetie Girl Cailyn Brown

Cory & Holly thank you for accepting the role of Godparents to Aaden. We know he will grow to love your family as we have. Thank you for agreeing to pray for him and make sure he grows in knowledge and stature of our Heavenly Father.

We love you sooo much!!!!

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