Monday, January 24, 2011

Cotton Babies

After a lot of debating, and looking, and tutorial watching, David and I have decided to cloth diaper Baby W. We LOVE the economical aspect of it, and enjoy having the option to help the environment in the process.

After asking lots of questions to everyone who would listen, and feeling even more confused about all our options we learned of a store local to St. Louis called Cotton Babies. We were told the staff is very knowledgeable and that they have all kinds of cloth diaper brands you can actually hold and touch.

SO ... long story short I learned of a GRAND OPENING of a cotton babies store in West County. They were giving away cloth diapers to the first 100 guests. As soon as I heard, I knew I HAD to get the freebies! :) I convinced David, Mom & Dad to go with me because of course 4 free diapers is better then just one.

We got up early, drove 45 minutes to the store, and waited an hour in the cold!!!!! Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? TOTALLY!!!!

David with Mom & Dad waiting for the store to open :)

That is me under all that! :)

The store was crazy crowded, but we still found time to talk to a really really super awesome sales associate who explained seriously everything I ever wanted to know about poo, diaper pails, travel bags, and diaper sprayers. ;) 

Is it weird I enjoyed every minute of it????


Lots of fun colors, and if we had purchased these it would of been $71.80!!!!!!!!!

I do love a bargain!


  1. It was a fun day! Enjoyed learning about aome of the new things they have out there. Wish they would have had these when you girls we little. Sure would have been easier!! mom and grandma

  2. I'm looking forward to it!!!! :) I love you.