Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rumors Are True!!!

Yes, the rumors are true!!!
David and I are expecting our first baby!!!!!!!!!!

About 4 weeks ago now, MAN TIME FLIES, I was just not feeling myself. I was having a lot of normal symptoms of a period, but I hadn't started. After debating taking the pregnancy test over and over, I finally took it, AND ...


Now my sweet husband had already knocked on the door once checking to make sure I was okay. {I guess I had been in there awhile, LOL}. I have always dreamed of how I was going to tell him when we found out, and I wish now I had some elaborate story to tell you, hehe. Instead without a second thought I flung the door open, and apparently I was white as a ghost because my sweet David sat up from the couch and walked over to me asking "Are you all right?"

I was just fine! Thrilled, ecstatic, oh my goodness oh my goodness. I flung to his arms crying and then showed him the test. We both just stayed in each others arms laughing and crying and in total shock.

What a blessing God has given us!
What a blessing!!!

** I realize I am a few posts behind since well, this was about 4 weeks along, and now I am 7. So, I will update you quickly on the last few weeks to get caught up quickly. ;) **


  1. I am soooo thrilled you are doing this! What an awesome way to remember every bit of the journey you,David, and baby Watson are on. Enjoy every second of it. Because before you know it, this sweet baby will be becoming a mother/father themselves. I love you ALL. mom/grandma holschen

  2. I'm so excited, my sweetie love!

  3. I love you sisser! I am so so so excited for you and brother! I must admit buttons is going to be one spoiled little baby. Between an awesome aunt and uncle and two wonderfully amazing sets of grandparents! I can't wait until I get to meet this great new addition to the watson family!