Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Weeks

As I'm sitting here typing this we are getting pelted with a snow-geddon of a winter mix. The ice has started, and it takes me back to only a few years ago when the ice really did get bad. (06' I believe ... an ice storm I will never forget!) I'm thankfully curled up in our nice warm bed with my mink blanket wrapped around me, and a nice large mug of chicken noodle soup! YUM!!!!

Here is the view from our bedroom window looking onto our patio. If you look closely you can see the ice forming on the table.

Not fun stuff!! Hoping it moves out quickly!!!!

I am 11 weeks today. YAHOO! Can hardly believe it, and yet I'm so very ready for 13 weeks and hopefully a cure to this never ending sickness. The latest development is that I have added not sleeping to the mix as the last few nights I have only gotten a few hours. I took some tylenol pm the doctor recommended and while I still woke up in the night, I fell back asleep quicker, so that is something I am willing to accept!!!!

This last weekend we went to a Baby & Kids Expo at the Fair Grounds here in Belleville. We didn't know what to expect and we were slightly disappointed. Most of the vendors were food oriented, but Grandma & Grandpa Holschen did buy a few adorable books for Baby W!!!! So I suppose the whole thing wasn't a waste!! *I can't seem to fnd where I put the books but I will take a few pictures when I do*

We also got a card in the mail congratulating us about Baby W from family friends The Haverkamps. 

The card was so thoughtful and meant sooo much to us. Thanks Michaek, Kim, Katie, & Natalie for thinking about us!!!!

On Sunday I was given the most beautiful flowers from my parents!! They made me so very happy! Thank you Mom & Dad very very much, they are beautiful & brighten up our living room.

The vase is very special to me as it was purchased by my honey on our wedding honeymoon at a handcrafted store in St. Charles. It is even more beautiful in person. The photos don't really do it justice.

 I will back in  few days with stats ;)

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