Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the Up & Up

Baby W and I have had a rough few weeks. Despite being absolutely happy as a clam {not I am uber cranky, LOL, so sorry honey} I have had terrible terrible nauseous spells. I wasn't able to even keep down water of all things, and I was getting rather nervous about dehydration.

So yesterday morning I called my doctor just to make sure. Better safe then sorry right.

Well, the doctor was concerned about dehydration too and wrote me a prescription. It tastes HORRIBLE, but yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks I didn't throw up. YAHOO!!!!! In conjunction with the prescription I also have been put on the BLAND diet of rice, applesauce, bread, crackers, lemon drops, and bananas for two days. While I'm feeling better with the prescription I'm suppose to really be focusing on getting liquids in me.

So, here is hoping the prescription continues to make things go smoothly the next few weeks. :)

On another note ...

Our sweet Baby got his or her first package in the mail the other day from Aunt Suzy & Uncle Justin in Springfield. Suzy is my very best friend who I met in college, but we are really separated sisters from birth. ;) They are actually expecting their first baby exactly one month ahead of us. SOOO COOL!

David very excited!!

even Harley was curious what was in the package ...

They had it stuffed full of goodies!!!

such a sweet thought!

such a darling bib!

Can hardly believe I'm going to be a mommy!!!!

Thank you sweet friends!
You made our day!!!!!!
We love you so!

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