Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 months

Well, we have officially been pregnant for 2 months. Can hardly believe it. In exactly one week we will be at our very first doctors appointment for an ultra-sound. I am so beyond excited to hear this sweet babies heartbeat and see how he or she is developing. I wish it were today already!!!!!!!!!

Turns out, David had a snowday today. WHOO HOO! So, he mad me a wonderful breakfast in bed. I wish I could explain how wonderful he has been these last few weeks. I appreciate him so much, and he doesn't hear it nearly enough.

I love you sweet Hubs!!!

David's delicious french toast breakfast.

even Harley wants it. ;)

yum yum yum!

I have been bad about getting any "belly pictures." I promise you can't see a thing right now except my normal belly. LOL Not quite sure how I'm going to take the photos ... not real comfortable with that yet. I will try and get over my self-consciousness about it soon.


  1. May your blessed child be protected always and a little warrior for our beloved savior. Congrats to two beautiful souls! <3 Gina and Mac McDaniel

  2. There are exactly no pictures out there of my bare belly when I was pregnant! Just not my thing and both of them gave me stretch marks. Once my bump was big enough to leave no doubt I was pregnant (so about a month before I was due) I let a few people take them. Really just not my thing. Sorry kids!!! Ultra-sounds will just have to be good enough.

  3. Thank you Kindly Gina & Mac!!!!

    I know what you mean. Not saying I'm not doing it, but not saying I am doing it yet. LOL Just kind of weirds me out. hehe