Sunday, June 12, 2011


Some of you may have read about some concerns we had at our 20 week ultrasound about our sweet Aaden being a BIG BOY!

Our doctor after seeing the photos was slightly concerned that he might be too big for me to actually have naturally, and so she sent us to a specialist.

On May 31st, and at my 28 week mark, we went to have a special 3D ultrasound done. Of course I was hoping sweet Hubs would be able to go ... BUT we had 2 very sad things going against us.

1) It was after a Holiday {Memorial Day} and his school really looks down on vacation days after holidays.


2) It was only a few days until the end of the school year, and finals were being given.

SOOO ... Grandma Zonetta got to go with me to the appointment. :) {Seriously, the next best thing to my husband!!!!}

She picked me up, and snapped this photo.
28 weeks {in my new outlet mall find!}

I just look big, but there is a baby in there! ;)

We went to the specialist appointment first. Mom knows she isn't suppose to take photos, but it didn't stop her {reason 100,000 I love her ... & know I'm her daughter, haha}

My chart ... I can totally read what it says. ;)

Good news, and some waiting ...

A) Aaden is BIG. He was in the 80th percentile at this stage with lots more growing to do.

B) 80th percentile is down from 90th percentile only a few weeks earlier.

C) Is it from Gestational Diabetes, or he is just big??

Next, we went to my 28 week OBGYN appointment. I ADORE my doctor. Seriously she is the kindest and most gentle lady.  I just have nothing but good things to say about her! While we were waiting for her, Mom snapped a few more illegal photos. ;)

When the doctor came in, she recommended I go and get my gluclose screening THAT DAY {because well, I had been putting it off slightly, and now I was late}. LOL

So, we left the doctors office, and went straight to the gluclose screening. The orange soda stuff is as awful as everyone says, and when I was finished drinking it I was relived I did it in the 4 minutes allowed ... I'm not sure I could of drank it a second time. {ICK!}

Good news ..


so ... Aaden is big because he is big. {Or as I like to think of it ... because I am such a good cook.}  ;)

What does this mean?

We get to wait to see how big he gets and if that affects my ability for having him naturally. We shall see ...

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