Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mom + Dad = Aaden

David and I will have been together a WHOOPING 9 years the end of July! Sometimes I think about that and it just blows my mind.

So, to our precious baby boy ...
Mommy & Daddy's <3 story {minus too much "mooshy" stuff!}

It was the summer of 2002 and I was going into my senior year of HighSchool. I had never had a boyfriend, never held a boys hand, and wasn't really interested in the "casual dating" scene many of my friends were. I had decided to wait to date someone I could see myself marrying.

Daddy was a little more "experienced" {LOL} He had 3 girlfriends throughout HighSchool and had held hands and kissed a girl. He was however single and looking the summer of 2002.

We both got jobs at the Belleville Pool, Mommy as a cashier and Daddy as a lifeguard. I had noticed Daddy from the cashier "cage" upstairs, but was certain Daddy hadn't noticed me ...

One day our boss needed an emergency cashier worker and he called me in to cover a shift. Since it was suppose to be my day off, I didn't have a vehicle to drive to work. Our boss sent David to pick me up! We met for the very first time in Grandma and Grandpa Holschen's driveway.

I thought he was adorable, but I was so nervous we hardly talked on the way from Grandpa's house to the pool. However, Daddy finally broke the ice by asking me where I went to High School. I told him Belleville East, and he continued to torment me as he graduated from Belleville West.

The next few days I stole extra glances at Daddy from the cashier cage, and he seemed to be thirsty more then usual finding lots of excuses to come upstairs. I hoped and hoped he would ask me out, but he just gave me a hard time about where I went to High School.

He did finally ask me out, and I shly said YES! BUT ... after a lot of thinking I was starting to wonder about him {LOL} SOO ... I began asking around. I wanted to know about his character. :)

Everyone said such sweet things. Mostly that well, he can have a bit of a temper {NO NOT MY DAVID ... wink wink} if annoyed, but mostly he is easy going, funny, and really really nice. So, after getting good feedback {thanks Emily, Maryl, and Megs!} I was starting to feel better about the whole first date thing.

When I got off work however I noticed his car was no longer downstairs. He asked me out, but he never got my number. I was bummed. I began to think he was just playing a prank and I had fallen for it.

HOWEVER ... lucky me ... David got my number from the pool list and called me later that night. We had a lovely first date! We went miniature golfing at Centerfield, to Brenden's for some pool, and then to Smokey Bones for cokes and talking.

It was not only the best first date I could of ever imagined, but the longest!!!! We were together until well after midnight getting to know each other.

We spent a lot of time together the next few weeks. We had dinner dates, I met his family, we went to church together, and spent A LOT of time together. He still hadn't kissed me yet though, and well, I was starting to wonder if he ever would. ;)

He asked to hold my hand the first time {what a gentlemen} while in the car to a "surprise" location. I gladly accepted and oh goodness was this whole summer romance starting to feel real.

He took me to the pool after hours {he had a key, so it was almost legal, LOL} and told me to have a seat while he went into the office. He started playing music over the loud speak and came back out and asked me for our first dance. SO SWEET!!!

While dancing he asked me to be his girlfriend. I shook my head yes. The song was coming to a close, and I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but I was SCARED!!!! LOL I wanted to kiss him, but I had no clue what I was doing. So, I refused to look up at him, because I knew if I did he would of planted one on me. As the song ended, David used his hand and lifted my chin. He closed his eyes, and he totally was going for it. I remember literally thinking ... "holy crap he is coming in"

and then ...

it happened. My worst fears. I kissed the poor guys teeth. I had no clue what I was doing, and totally totally bombed. I pulled away freaking out, and it was the most ackward moment EVER. {okay, the most ackward moment in my 17 years of life}

We drove home in silence and I kept thinking I blew it. It was over.

Daddy walked me to the door, leaned in and hugged me tight. He wispered in my ear ... " It's okay, we will just have to keep practicing!" I nodded in agreement, and he left.

The rest is history!
6 years of dating
2 years & 9 months of marriage

and in only 61 days comes YOU!!!!!!!!!

Oh how blessed we are.
I hope and pray sweetie boy that someday you will meet a wonderful lady. She will be kind and sweet and God fearing and you will adore her as much as your Daddy adores me. I wish you happiness and grace forever as God intended it to be.

You are so loved our precious darling boy!

SO, we went swimming last week at the place we met.
the memories ....