Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Many of your know my best friend is pregnant, and due exactly 4 weeks before me.

Well, because she is AWESOME {!!!!} and knowing she wouldn't be able to make my BIG shower the end of June, she threw me the most wonderfully thoughtful, perfect, mini-shower I could of EVER dreamed of.

It was full of personal touches like a clothes line, elephant cupcakes {she designed herself}, and amazing gifties that only she would even know I wanted. Talk about making a girl feel special!!!!!

Here are just a few of the photos!

all the wonderful gifties!

sweet decorations!
I ADORED several of these outfits, but the sweater ... too cute!

Hubs hung around for just a bit to get food. ;)
It was delicious too!

yummy egg salad sandwiches
chicken lunchmeat
pasta salad
mixed chopped fruit

the diaper trike!

besties for life!
What a blessing!!!!!!!

Suzy, Me, David, Zonetta, Ms. Anita, & Grandma Nomalee!
We were waiting to EAT! :)

Couldn't help but cry.
Suz made this sweet sign for Baby A's room.

TOTALLY TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More tears.
Suz hand wrote an entire baby food recipe book.
She separated it by months & types of food!

We can't wait to give them a try!

Mom and I
She is the best!

the end.

Look at all those opened goodies!
Who thinks we were spoiled??


Grandma Zoe, Grandma Nomalee, Me, Grandma Penny {David's Mom}, Suzy, 
Anita {Suzy's Mother-in-Law} and Cindy {Suzy's Mom}

Perfect bellies!!!!

Suzy Q thank you for being my very best friend! Thank you for loving my family and our baby Aaden. The shower you threw was beyond words awesome. I enjoyed everyones company, and felt so incredibly spoiled!!! God blessed me with your friendship in college, and I am ever so thankful we can support each other when our own babies are that age.

Your frienship is a treasure & I pray blessings on you, Justin, and sweetie girl Kaiya. I love you!

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