Monday, June 6, 2011


I love love love new things. {who doesn't right!?!?!}
That is why being able to register for whatever you want is so much fun!!!!


I wanted to get registered shortly after we found out Aaden was a boy, but well, with getting the house ready it just didn't happen. After a day of moving, we FINALLY went to Babies R Us and got ourselves registered!!!!

It is amazing all the things babies need! Things well, I didn't think about. I mean clips & sprays & bibs & pacifiers & a whole lot more!!!!

Being new to this whole "we are having a kid" thing we needed EVERYTHING! {oh bummer ... wink wink}

Hubs loved OF COURSE picking out toys for sweetie boy.

He was such a WINNER! 
He carried my purse around the store for me.
This picture makes me smile, & I was so thankful for him!

Wearing Grandma Holschen's sweater ... I WAS COLD!
But, I'm about 26 weeks in this photo.

Grandpa Holschen found a comfy glider ... and it didn't take him long to SNOOZE.

Our sweet baby is so richly blessed already. He has family and friend that just love on him!!! Isn't that all every baby needs? LOVE! Sigh, it may sound silly, but it brings a tear to my eye.


Babies R Us has an extremely "touchy" website. In order to access our registry information you MUST type the following information in exactly as shown.

Search under Registrant

OFALLON {all caps and no apostrophe}


you can search under my maiden name


Thank you to everyone who has shown David, myself, and our sweet little man <3. You are so appreciated!!!!!!!!

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