Monday, June 20, 2011

My Birthday!!!

I was so super spoiled for my birthday this year!

Grandpa and Grandma Holschen took me on a Motherhood Maternity Shopping Spree at the Outlet Mall where I got several new outfits & some new pants. MUCH NEEDED!!!!

Our sweet friends the Pritchett's {Maryl & Ryan} bought me the small plates to my Pier One Set. :) YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

I got a wonderful card in the mail from the Brown's in Ohio, a hilarious singing telephone message from Suz and countless other phone calls, text messages and facebook comments from all kinds of friends & family. I felt so incredibly blessed and loved. :)

Grandpa and Grandma Watson even got us tickets to the Cardinals vs. Cubs Game!!! We had AWESOME seats, & so much fun eating everything and trying to stay cool.

CARDS WON!!!! {of course, was there any doubt}

Daddy and Aaden especially SPOILED me!! Not only is getting to be a mommy soon enough a wonderful present, but they also bought me a WONDERFUL Spa Day Package!!!

Oh my goodness, it was heavenly!!

1 hour and a 1/2 prenatal massage
1 hour facial
a manicure
a pedicure

insane!! Seriously, EXACTLY what this pregnant mamma wanted!!!!!

Thank you everyone for making 26 such a special year for me!
To my 2 favorite boys ... I love you always!

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