Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bye Bye Apartment Life

I remember when David moved into my little apartment in O'Fallon. At only 400 square feet we knew it would be TIGHT! From the moment he moved in though, we felt like big kids!

We loved having a space {even super small} that was our own.


HOWEVER ... our happiness in such a small space wore off quickly. There was no room for storage. No space for David's clothes or my shoes. ;) Loud fighting neighbors, rate hikes for no reason, high electricity bills, crazy pooping birds, leaky roofs, falling wall trim ... and I could go on and on.

Needless to say, when we found out Aaden was coming ... we were both THRILLED at the prospect of moving


and then, moving day came.

We both found ourselves more emotional then expected at leaving our first home. With two and a half years in those walls, a whole lot had happened. All kinds of first, and while leaving was in the cards, and we were ready ... it was sad to see our first place go.

now, in the house, our living room & kitchen are the size of the whole apartment, LOL.

It was an old 70s building, but the bookshelves for storage, ROCKED!

and this is it.
bathroom & bedroom & you have seen the whole space.

28 1/2 weeks
I think you can tell I'm starting to feel a little tired & worn out.

Bye Bye Ansley Oaks Apartment 108
Hello 6200 Joann Drive

We can't wait to start new memories in the walls of a new space with our sweet Aaden. What fun!!!!!

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