Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, Suzy and I had our showers the same weekend!
She planned mine for Saturday, and hers was on Sunday afternoon.

Since this was right in the middle of important moving time for us, the boys {Grandpa Jim, Grandpa Dave and David} were still hard at work at the house!!!

Grandpa Jim painted and put in new hardware on all my kitchen cabinets!!!!!

It is so fresh and modern now!

On Sunday, Grandpa Dave and David went to pick up my Craigslist find. Brand new office furniture. I have been looking for something similar to these IKEA bookshelves for a very long time.

The price is really reasonable on the IKEA website, but the closest store is in Chicago, and shipping is NOT reasonable at all.

Several months ago I put a wanted add on Craigslist at the advice of a facebook friend, and had long since forgotten about it by the time I got the email from a kind man in St. Louis selling THE EXACT SET I'D BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!!!

Grandpa Dave and David went to pick it up for me, and it was in AWESOME condition!! 

Over Memorial Weekend, we spent that Saturday getting my office totally organized! :)

I can hardly believe it everything is cleared out!!!!!!!

thanks to my Dad, THE MAN! {and Hubs of course!}

for some reason this picture won't turn ...
I'm 28 weeks in this photo ... THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!

I love all the storage. I will finally be able to put out all my paper and see in one glance what inventory I have on hand!

Posing in front of the sign we had made at our vacation at Pigeon Forge last year. This was done in Dollywood. :) It looks perfect in my office!

More photos of the finished product later!!!!

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