Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving :)

Well, we have been living in our house for two weeks. {WENT SO FAST!!!} Our first night of sleeping over was May 22. Mostly it has been an extremely smooth transition!!!

Moving was ... AN ADVENTURE! LOL
I tried to be as organized as possible, but truth be told, there was "stuff" everywhere ... in every room, and somehow we managed to pack our house quickly with box after box. 

I tried to be a good little pregnant wifey and get lots of pictures during this whole process, but somehow in the week we spent packing and moving I got ZERO photos of any vehicles, or people actually moving anything. DUH!!! Where is my brain ... ?

BUT ...

I did get a few of our master and living room BEFORE all the boxes took over.

We adore our new bed and dressers.
It fits perfectly in the room, and the mattress is super comfy!

and then then is my rug!
oh how I love this thing!!!!!!!


A whole lot of people pitched in to make our move happen!
Grandma and Grandpa Watson helped one night.
Maryl & Ryan {our sweet sweet sweet friends} helped an entire Saturday, and provided tons of boxes, and moral support! There were a few instances where I was going CRAZY!!

tired from moving I'm sure, but such TROOPERS!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Holschen put too many hours in to count!!!!! Thank you truly isn't adequate enough for any of them!!!

Here is the office ... PACKED! ;)

and well, I would be lying if I didn't say there was WAY more then this in the room before we were all done!

The walls are hard to see, but I adore the green color it is painted!!! :)
It makes me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far ... we adore living in a house. It is more personal. More ... our own. We cannot wait to welcome our sweet Aaden into the mix. :)

Speaking of which ...

Baby A is growing well, and doing well!
His nursery is in transition as we prepare for a yardsale, and wait on his furniture to arrive. {THIS WEEK OR NEXT ... WHOO HOO}

BUT ... for the time being, here is a sneak peak. ;)

We painted the walls Cappacino, and added stripes. 
Grandpa Holschen measured out the straight lines, and they are awesome!!!
Grandma H, Mommy & Daddy painted them in.

The results ... well, you will just have to wait on those!!


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