Tuesday, July 19, 2011

35 Weeks

Pregnancy truly is a miracle! I have felt so so so many emotions the last few months, and while I'm about done being pregnant {at least in my own mind. LOL} it has been an overwhelming, miraculous, amazing, entertaining, and sometimes downright painful experience.

35 weeks.

It sounds like forever away from 40 weeks and meeting sweetie boy, and yet it also seems so so so very close. I'm doing the best I can to relish every moment. Embracing every kick, laughing at the sight of my tummy moving, and just trying to remember all my feelings along the way.

I am ready to not be pregnant anymore, and just have Aaden in my arms, and yet I know I will miss the feelings of being pregnant. Such a weird mixture of emotions ...

35 weeks!
Yes, I really am HUGE!!!!!!!!!


Come on out Aaden, Mommy & Daddy are dying to meet you!


  1. Well, honey, you do have a "Honeydew melon" in your belly so it is to be expected!! :-)