Friday, July 22, 2011

Khaleb's Birthday

Miya & Khaleb are my cousins, and they hold a dear dear place in our hearts. We enjoy spoiling them rotten when given the opportunity. :)

On Wednesday was {WOW I FEEL OLD} Khaleb's fifth birthday. He has grown into such a sweet sweet little guy, and I can only hope Aaden is as bright eyed and smiley as he is.

We spent the whole day together ... with Khaleb steering the boat. :)

He wanted donuts for breakfast, so we took him to the best donut place I know of!!!

Khaleb chose the sprinkled one!
I think more got on his face then in his mouth!!!! ;)

Miya Moo chose the raspberry filled.
She ate it all!

Posing with David.
They sure do LOVE him!!!!!

After breakfast we went and spent part of the morning with Grandma. Miya read us all books, and David and I were so impressed by how much she has learned in just a year. That girl has LOOKS and BRAINS!!! Kimmy better watch out. ;)

Once we got Grandma lunch we headed out for adventure #2. WAL-MART. ;)
We really had to go, but this is especially funny because for several years now David has teased the kids that their surprise is Wal-Mart ... and Miya being the wittiest thing I have ever met always says "David Wal-Mart is NOT a surprise" It is a treasured memory we have as simple as it is. The kiddos got to pick out candy.

It is funny how their choices reflected their personalities. Khaleb went straight for the reeses pieces and was done in 5 seconds. Miya wondered for what felt like hours trying to decide {LOL} and finally chose the sour life savers. Khaleb chooses sweet & Miya chooses sour ... PERFECT!!!!!!!

Khaleb chose McDonalds for lunch & afterwards we went and saw Mr. Popper's Penguins at the cinema. {Thank you Sarah for being AWESOME!!!!} Both kids loved it.

What special time it is when it is spent together. Being with them gets me more & more ready for Aaden's arrival!!!!!!


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