Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elephants Everywhere

I am beginning to think I am crazy... seriously, crazy. ;)
I have become obsessed with elephants. I shop for them everywhere, dream about them, and doodle them in my free time.

Our precious baby will wither be elephant obsessed like his mommy, or be terrified of them. ;) I just hope if it is the later, it is when he is much older. I'm certainly not redoing his room now. hehehe

SOOOOO, in all my searches I figured I woud show you a few of the adorable, crazy, and utterly ridiculous finds.


Jonathan Adler Utopia Elephant Lamp
ADORABLE ... but also, Utterly Ridiculous -- PRICE $350!!!!!!!!!!

Pkolino Elephant Easel
ADORABLE!!!! -- Price $65.00

Eames Elephant Stool
Available in all kinds of colors!

CRAZY! -- Price: $290.00

Elephant Shelf
DIY  & ADORABLE!!!!!!! Price: cost of wood ;)

Bamboo Elephant Clock
ADORABLE -- Price: $65.00

Elephant Onesies
ADORABLE!!!!! Price: $24.00

Trio of Elephants Puzzle
ADORABLE -- Price: $10.00

Elephant Pull Toy
ADORABLE!!! Price: $13.00

Really, this is only a hand full of all the things I've found. :)
I would be lying if I didn't say I have spent hours looking, designing, and planning.

Oh precious boy, you are 
LOVED A TON!!!!!!!!! 

{yes, the pun is intended :D}

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