Tuesday, July 12, 2011

David's Surprise Diaper Shower

David and I are so super blessed with friends that are so super awesome!
Several months ago our dear friends The Pritchett's told me they wanted to throw a diaper shower for Hubs.

I knew David would LOVE the idea of getting some guy time before Aaden arrives.

So, Ryan planned a bowling party where the guys invited brought us diapers, everyone ate yummy Subway, and bowled, and ate dessert. PERFECT!!!!

I wanted to bring my nice camera and get lots of good pictures, but I knew if I did Hubs would get a little suspicious. SO, cell phone photos it is. :)

getting some yummy lunch

lots of diapers, wipes, and cute 31 items!!!!

the balloon to signify David's seat. :)

yummy subway lunch!

Dad to Be Medal David got to wear!

Thanks to Ryan for throwing such a wonderful sindig!
Thanks to Jeremy, Donnie, & Michael for helping bring a few items.

Thanks to Everyone who came, ate, bowled, brought diapers, and helped to make David's Day super fun. You are all so special to us!!!! 

All Three of Us Love You!

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