Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Craftin' Momma

David isn't the only one around our house trying new things. :)
I love love love to craft, but it usually involves paper & scissors. I have always wanted to learn to sew, but never seemed to find the time.

Back in May I visited my best friend Suzy, and we crafted together for two whole days. Suz taught me how to sew! Since then, I have been practicing quite a bit.

Earlier this month, my mom and I went to a baby consignment sale and I bought 9 bibs for about $2.00. There was nothing wrong with them, but I just thought they were kind of boring. SOOOO ... I went to work!

Mom helping cut some fabric out.

crafting is so relaxing to me!

Personalized tie bib 

Airplane Bib
I will add a "smoke" line coming from the plane before it's done.

A dino and volcano

a fully completed paint palette :)

I also have an elephant {of course!}, whale, and puppy in the works.
SOOOOO much fun.

Cheap project but oh so simple & adorable if I do say so myself.

Thanks Suz for teaching me!

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