Monday, July 25, 2011

Rolling Rolling Rolling

With the anticipated arrival of Baby A, we have been doing quite a few things we normally wouldn't do. As I showed you yesterday, Hubs has been helping paint the nursery, and this weekend he put together a stroller ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

Normally we would of asked one of the grandparents over to help because, while Hubs is totally capable, he gets frustrated with directions easily. ;) He liked to be able to look at projects and see how they go together ... not read about it.

However, it was one of his goals to get the stroller together all by himself. The stroller is awesome for a few reasons. 1) It is extra light -- suppose to be easier for me to lift in & out of the car when Hubs isn't with me  AND 2) it is also a car seat.

Even though sweet Aaden isn't in it yet {obviously} I get emotional even looking at it. I'm so excited for my precious bundle to be here.

Reading the directions for how the wheels go on. ;)

Wheels on :)

Alright, it is up right. 
Only a few more steps!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

Last step before we are ready to ROLL!!!!!!!!


So very proud of him!
now we just have to get the car seat installed correctly ... LOL
That is this afternoons project!

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