Friday, July 22, 2011

St. Johns Tour & Dinner Date

Hubs and I have been anxious to take the St. Johns Tour for awhile. We wanted to see the rooms, and get a feel for how things would work when the BIG DAY arrives.

The tour was wonderful! We adore the hospital, the staff, and all its amenities. :) I think it is a perfect fit for us. Now hopefully we can remember everything when the day gets here ... LOL.

The tour was about an hour long, but the best part was seeing the new moms being wheeled back to their rooms with huge smiles on their faces. We couldn't help but get excited as we realize that will be us in such a short time. :) We did stop at the nursery too, and the sweet nurse held up a darling boy for all of us to see. He was 9lbs. 11oz and I cringed at the thought, LOL. He was adorable and beautiful and BIG!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes though ... it won't be long now.

Since our hospital is in such a cool part of St. Louis ... the Creve Couer Area ... we couldn't help but make the whole night something special.

Hubs treated me to Stir Crazy!!!

Have you been??? Seriously, you should go! It is awesomely wonderfully. They have a full menu of chinese dishes that look and smell amazing, but we go for only ONE THING!!!!


Oh My. It is sinful.

You are given a big bowl and a small cup that sits on this fancy wire contraption {sorry for the poor visual, lol} and then you take it up to the bar where there are tons and tons of toppings. You get to choose whatevever you want in your stir fry from pineapple to water chestnuts to broccoli to mushrooms. That is step 1.

At step 2 you fill your small cup up with the sauce of your choice. They again have about 12 options form teriyaki {my fav} to spicy basil {Hubs fav}.

Step 3 is passing your concotion to the wok master who perfectly wok fries your meal with the protein of your choice and lo mein noodles or fried rice.

OH MY LANTA!!!!!! It is seriously good!!!!!!!!!!

This was my dinner. 
I promise, it tastes better then it looks! 
{and I think it looks pretty darn good!}

Hubs and his Stir Fry.

Then, because I am the coupon queen lately, LOL, we had a free coupon for dessert.
We tried for the first time their fried banana wontons.

This may be the craving I desire for the next month.
It was bananas and white chocolate stuffed into fried wonton shells and drizzled with a cinnamon sugar and carmel mixture. And who could forget the dallop of vanilla ice cream.

Thank you my <3 for a wonderful date night not soon to be forgotten.
You are so special to me, and I can't say enough how much I adore you. Thanks for being a part of this journey with me ... I hear it only gets better. ;)

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